Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Please read these terms and conditions completely. This agreement
documents the legally binding terms and conditions attached to this site
and applies to the content of this site.

This website is owned and managed by E.Okorie electrical Merchants. For the purposes of this website, “seller”, “we”, “us” “our” and “its” all refer to E.Okorie Electrical Merchants.

Website’s Use

By using this site in any way, you are agreeing to be bound to its terms and conditions. If you do not reach us via call or mail for any explanations or misunderstandings of these terms and conditions and you go ahead to place an order or use the website in any way, this already proves to us that you have read and understood our terms and conditions and you are governed by our laws. No litigation whatsoever will be acceptable.

Right of use by only Adults.

By using this site, you accept that you are an adult in accordance with the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria anything you do contrary to the right thing personally or through a group shall be used against you.

If you have any misunderstandings we will advice that you refrain immediately and reach us immediately as continuing to use this website shows that you understand perfectly.

Main Essence of Website.

This website is primarily created to be an online shopping store for our electrical goods, for items only placed on this website, orders may be placed for personal or commercial use through an individual, organisation or group via the website. Except if permitted by us via writing.

Placing an Order or acting for an Unknown Third Party.

If you place an order for a third party and you have no personal knowledge of this third party, do note that you will be liable in law for that order and no refunds whatsoever will be made no matter your complaints or excuses.

Using our Website with intention to Assess our Personal Files is Prohibited

Trying to or assessing our personal files such as code files, servers etc. withoult our official permission is explicitly prohibited and unlawful. Please note that you will be traced and doing this will attract necessary lawful action against you.

Update Personal Information.

If your name and password is required for registration for placing orders or for any other use, do always keep in mind to update when need be for personal security reasons that if violated by any third party cannot be used against us legally or otherwise.

If you have used or registered on our website, you are entitled to receiving content, information, promos, offers and giveaways from us via SMS or emails. You are free at whatever time to unsubscribe from this.

Your submission to our website.

The submissions of information whether personal or not remains our own information in relation to you whenever need be.  All your submissions go into our personal database.

If you post any comment or suggestions that seems offensive, defamatory to us, we possess the right to delete or bring it down.

Information on Products.

The information of products that we put on our website are merely a detailed summary of its properties. The pictures you see on the website are pictures taken by us personally of the products. Please note that products are not manufactured by us and any suggestions, corrections or advice will be warmly received by us. We are not in any way linked to any comments made by any user of a product about any of the products.

Website’s Availability

We retain the right to bring down the website due to one problem / issue or the other. Do note that when this happens, we’ll be doing our best possible to bring the website back in due time. Whenever this happens, we appreciate your patience.

Personal Right over website

Also note that the content of this site may be updated, removed, modified, changed by its owners without any notice to any user or group and it becomes effective, enforceable and legally binding when updated. So, it is your statutory duty to update yourself always on the updates made by us so you can be rightly guided.

Unauthorized links from Third parties.

No follower/ commenter or whoever is allowed to post adverts or links on our website. None have an affiliation with us, if they do we will tell you so. To confirm this, do reach us via mail or SMS before reaching or clicking on these links. If you post these links or whatever through comments or whatever means, without an express application to us in writing and our acceptance also in writing, you will be banned from visiting our site all together.

Information on Website is our Intellectual Property.

All information contained in this website remains the private and intellectual property of E.Okorie Electrical merchants, the owners of this website. You are warned and advised not to print, transmit, circulate, edit, copy, design or in any manner with an inrention to use contents of this website and claim to be its owner without proper and due authorisation from us for any personal, commercial use.

We will not be held responsible for any claims that may result from the breach of terms and conditions of this website.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

The rules in this terms and conditions can only be interpreted under the Nigerian law and jurisdiction.

In cases of any claims by any user, litigation in any Nigerian court will not be acceptable but parties will recourse to mediation or arbitration.

If you cannot adhere to these terms and conditions, we advice that you discontinue.

Registering or visiting this website affirms that you have agreed to our terms and conditions. Ignorance to these terms and conditions is not an excuse.


We hereby deny all liability associated with an already tested and proved product damaged as a result of carelessness of delivery, shipping, consumer / buyer.

Once goods have been received by buyer, refund and return of item cannot be made.

All payments are due upon receipt. No goods will be delivered until payments are made. If no payments are made, no items will be shipped / delivered. If payment is declined or not received, the buyer has no rights whatsoever on the items.

Cancellation of order.

An order may be cancelled or changed up until payment/ shipping /delivery has been made or processed. Once payment has been processed, order maybe changed or cancelled depending on the circumstances around the purchase and ease of the supplier. If cancelled and no further purchase wants to be made and if easy for the supplier, then refund can be made. Please note, that the bank takes their 2 percent charges once payments are made online and you will be refunded, without the 2 percent.

If delivery has been processed, customer will bear the added costs for the second delivery/shipping and products will be tested by supplier.

If found to be in perfect condition, products will be changed, if in worse condition than it was before delivery/shipping, there will be no refund and there will be no exchange to a better product except new order/items are paid for.

Any complaints should be directed to 08028828834 or 08164286232.

Please note that there is no guarantee for a resolution. If the case falls under terms and conditions, then it has already been covered, if not, the case will be looked at by our management team. If you have any questions, contact us phone — 08028828834 or 08164286232.

Thank you




What exactly do we do with your private information?

The information given to us by you is mostly use to collate data for our customer base or to know the location of our customers, in case of delivery.

What is the Legal implication of the data you give to us? What do we expect from you?

Any time that you fill in personal information in our website, we expect that you have filled your exact personal information and not one defamatory to another.  Also that you have no intention whatsoever to defraud us or another. That the information at the date of giving it to us, is accurate and true.

What is the legal implication of the data you give to us? What do you expect from us?

You are our customer and your safety is important to us. Your private information, as well as last four digit numbers used to make payments for the goods you want to purchase will not be released to any third party.

At any stage you have the right to access the information we hold about you. You also have the right to correct or stop us from using any of your private information to reach you/for public purposes.

Be aware and certain that we will not ask for very private information except information that will be used for sales.

What are the ways that we can get your private information?

When you search, post, place an order via your account, sign in or log in, communicate with members of our team, participate in our questionnaire and at other times via the information you give us for delivery / shipping.